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Photos by Alea Lovely

Photo By RJ Stills Photography

About David


I absolutely love what I do because photographing people is truly my passion. The very best part of my job is getting to know the people I work with and then getting the opportunity to be with them during the most memorable times of their lives.
I like to focus my work on relationships, on real life and all that is authentic and I'm hoping you'll see that I like my images to be intimate and natural. I love to capture interesting light to help tell the story of a moment, of a day or of a relationship.

While I'm excited and stimulated by my professional life and the work I get to do with my clients, there's nothing I value more than my family. David and I are most proud of the accomplishments we make at home within our own little world. We're in love with our children Erin, Andrew and Emily and the very best part of my day is when we all pile in together for cuddles and hugs and kisses - maybe a family movie or lively game of Uno!

I love a night at the movies, iced coffee, First Fridays in the West Bottoms and home design. I could spend hours pouring through antique photos and vintage snapshots and my guilty pleasures are politics and cheesy shows about haunted houses.